Ron Finley Gardening Masterclass Review 2021: Should You Try It?

In this post, I have done an In-depth & Trustworthy Ron Finley Gardening Masterclass Review about Gardening by Ron Finley and whether it is worth it for you or not let’s get started.

There’s no end to the bounty of Mother Nature and has enough for everybody. Ron Finley says that’s the one important thing you’ll learn through gardening.

How content you’d feel if you have the knowledge and comprehension to grow your own food in your backyard. Right from the plantation of seed or saplings to harvesting what you have sown when it reaches its prime, is what Ron Finley is here to guide you through.

Ron says that compost is one of the “sexiest” things in the world as it holds the capacity to create life from waste. It is the basic “life skill” every person needs to be cognizant of. You are not just fashioning a beautiful garden but you are providing your contribution to save the planet.

Bottom Line Upfront: Ron Finley was arrested when he first grew a garden on a curbside dirt strip and after that he started a revolution and he managed to get the laws changed. Now he became a community activist along with that he teaches gardening with this masterclass. If you have a garden and want to grow fresh vegetables and fruits then you should enroll into Ron Finley Masteclass.

Ron Finley calls himself the “Gangster” gardener as saving the earth and having the knowledge to do it is “Gangster” for him. It is not just about knowing to grow life, it’s about being self-dependent.

Check our in-depth MasterClass review here:

Ron Finley Gardening Masterclass Review 2021: Should You Try It?

About Ron Finley Gardening Masterclass

Back in 2010, to plant fruits and vegetables, he dug up a strip of land between his house and the street. It was illegal to do that but somehow he got the law changed. How often does that happen? The “Residential Parkway and Landscaping Guidelines” were changed to end the fines for vegetable gardens within the strip owned by the city.

MasterClass-Ron-Finley-Teaches-Gardening - Overview

In 2013, Finley gave a Ted talk on his progress as a guerrilla gardener, the danger of food deserts, and the potential for his program to improve quality of life. That Ted talk became a massive success as it received 3 million views across the world.

MasterClass-Ron-Finley-Teaches-Gardening - Star Rating

After that, Roy Finley developed a gardening training facility under the name- Roy Finley Project in south-central Los Angeles. And since then he has clung to the upswing and huge popularity that he has received.

Course Description: Ron Finley Gardening Masterclass

You can be content that you’ll discover substantial outcomes If you decide to invest your money in this Masterclass.

In this course, Ron Finley himself will teach you how important it is to feed yourself and to have the knowledge of what you eat. Producing food for yourself is the best way to be sure that your vegetables and fruits are in the purest possible form. And Talking about the rate of return? You sow a seed, it grows into a 40-feet tall tree and furnishes you with fruit all your life.

MasterClass-Ron-Finley-Teaches-Gardening - Lesson Plan

How to convert your backyard or your surroundings into a food forest and to realize the magic in creating something with your own hands is what Roy Finley has set his sights on.

Learning about the tools any gardener requires, turning common household items into beautiful containers for your plants, and teaching how to grow a herb garden that will save you a ton of time and money is what this MasterClass is set to offer.

Ron Finley Gardening Masterclass: A Walk Through Each Section

How to keep your plants alive: Creating planters

In this section, you’ll learn about the tools that are important for your garden and also how to save yourself some space by using innovative containers.

To Ron, there’s nothing like trash. It is just an unfinished and unprocessed piece of art that is calling you to work on it. An old shoe, a teapot which you don’t want to use anymore, an old suitcase, or an old drawer which is presumed to be futile, can be turned into a small and a beautiful garden.

MasterClass-Ron-Finley-Teaches-Gardening - Creating Plantations

All you have to do is realize its potential. Repositioning and repurposing a container is what you need so that you can give it a new life cycle and yield maximum out of it.

Coming to the tools of Trade:

Now, these are the ones that you’ll need especially if you want to be a “Gangster” gardener.

One of Ron’s favorite tools in the garden is the Hori-Hori knife with an indentation. It has a rope cutter on it, a serrated edge, and a sharp edge. The serrated helps with the cutting of the roots when the knife goes into the soil.

MasterClass-Ron-Finley-Teaches-Gardening - Vegetable

Next comes the Garden Spade. Prefer the ones with a sharper tip as it goes right into the ground when you shove it in.
After that come the Bypass Pruners. These are used for trimming purposes. To cut anything like small saplings, vines, herbs you need a strong pair of clippers so that it can chop right through anything.

Lastly, remember that “size does matter”. But don’t you worry guys, it does only in the garden. So always use a big shovel as it is much easier to use than the smaller ones.

Full Class

The earlier mentioned sections were a mere introduction to Ron Finley’s MasterClass that he has taken up to enlighten his earnest students. He has never before done anything like this and these video lectures are 100% exclusive for MasterClass subscribers. In the Full Class, you get entire access to his 10 video lectures.

MasterClass-Ron-Finley-Teaches-Gardening - Instructor

Here he goes in-depth on what is required to be a Gangster gardener and to be able to grow your own food.

Even if you are a neophyte, this MasterClass is perfect for you as Ron Finley will guide you through the entire process while focusing on the basics. Right from buying the perfect tools to harvest what you’ve sown, Ron has got you covered.

Ron Finley Gardening Masterclass Pros & Cons


  • It is the first time that Ron Finely has come to a platform to share his Gardening secrets
  • The videos are only available on MasterClass so they are 100% exclusive
  • You get a 41 page Class Workbook that will guide you through the most basic thing and has all the information you need
  • You get to access 10 video lessons from Ron Finley himself

Ron Finley Gardening Masterclass: Who should be doing this course

What Ron Finley says is that you have the power and artistry to grow a new life in your garden but you don’t really know where to kick it off from. And he is here for the exact thing; from guiding you right from buying the right tools you need to finally harvest your creation.

The people who can feel the intimacy with nature are going to be empowered the most through this MasterClass. You crave for the exotic places this “mother nature” has created yet you never give back what it needs the most. Why not create your own garden into an alluring location?

If you use and relish what nature has given you, it is your dire responsibility to contribute and create something of your own.

Or the ones who simply find felicity in the pure work of gardening, are in for a lot in this MasterClass. Planting your own food or growing a tree is a noble deed in itself.

You feel intrigued but might not know how the process exactly goes about. And that is what Ron Finley will help you figure out. So if you love gardening and want to create something of your own, this MasterClass is precisely designed for you.

 Ron Finley Gardening Masterclass Pricing

There are two ways by which you can purchase a MasterClass, a single MasterClass, and an All-Access Pass for any of the gurus on the platform.

 MasterClass-Ron-Finley-Teaches-Gardening - Pricing

  • Single MasterClass: $90
  • All-Access Pass: $180 per year

The All-Access Pass comes in real handy when you wish to take more than one MasterClass, so this means that there is no limit on the number of MasterClasses on the All-Access Pass.

A 30-day money-back guarantee is also available for any of the Ron Finley MasterClass Review packages you purchase and you will get a complete refund of the amount in case you are not satisfied with their services.

 Ron Finley Gardening Masterclass Review Testimonials

 MasterClass-Ron-Finley-Teaches-Gardening - Testimonials

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Conclusion: Ron Finley Gardening Masterclass Review 2021

My father’s house had a cute little garden and being a kid I watched him work fondly on his garden every weekend. It was since then that a whacking interest in gardening imbibed into me.

Planting seeds and nurturing life just kinda seduced me from the beginning. I became so enamored of gardening that I decided to go for some local courses which teach you the basics of gardening. They were good but only taught me what I already knew.

Randomly getting to know about Ron Finley, I decided to go for his MasterClass. What more could I want? I could watch his video lessons on a Saturday night while chilling on my couch. What I learned in his MasterClass was absolutely enthralling. Getting informed about the things you never knew fills you with a fresh wave of zeal.

Getting to know about propagating techniques to increase your bounty was one of the things I never knew.

One of the things that helped me the most was the class workbook. The workbook is filled with all sorts of particulars that you need. It covers all the sections in the most intricate way possible.

After you complete this program, I am pretty sure you will find all the things you were looking for. Going in for his Video lessons I expected to be upskilled and it didn’t come as a surprise that I got acquainted with a lot of things and some new-fashioned techniques I was unaware of.

So, I hope this review article serves your purpose well.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the same in the comment section below.

Also, I highly recommend the Gardening MasterClass by Ron Finley and if you wish to pursue this you can find all the details to this masterclass in the description box below.

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