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Saints Row’s The Heist and the Hazards Paid Story DLC will be released next week -By Fsk

It’s been a bumpy old ride for THQ Nordic’s Saints Row reboot, but, now, after several months focused on bug fixes and improvements, developer Volition has released the game’s first paid story DLC, The Heist and the Hazards has been confirmed, arriving next Tuesday. , 9 May.

The Heist and the Hazards, which was unveiled as part of Saints Row’s updated roadmap in March, is the first of three promised content drops for the open-world crime caper’s paid Expansion Pass, which will feature new story missions. , Events, Cosmetics and more. ,

THQ Nordic still hasn’t shared much about the specifics beyond that, but we now know that it’s calling The Saints an adventure for “sweet revenge” after obnoxious movie star Chris Hardy double-crosses his boss. Will see you start the work. Successful killing hit.

Robbery and Dangerous comes with a free update adding the new Sunshine Springs Map district.

As previously announced, The Heist and the Hazards will launch with a free update for all players. It will expand the base game map by introducing the new Sunshine Springs District, and features a combat overhaul, photo mode, and more.

A second Expansion Pass release – titled Doc Ketchum’s Murder Circus – follows in July with another free update, with the game’s third and final paid DLC launching in August. It will be accompanied by a second free map-expanded district and other unspecified new features.

Eurogamer contributor Vicky Blake loved the Saints Row reboot of Volition when she reviewed it last August, writing that it was unlikely to “move the world” and that – despite some significant bugs – it still has There were also some “pleasant surprises”.