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SmartLibrary – School Library Management Software

Price: ₹15,990 - ₹7,990.00
(as of May 11,2023 05:36:37 UTC – Details)

SmartLibrary – School Library System for Schools, Colleges and Educational Centers to manage their Library. The Librarian can manage the Books Catalog, Purchases of Books, Issue of Books, Returns and Renewals. In additions details of Books Received as Donations and Books Sold or Damaged can also be maintained. SmartLibrary provides a Student Master to maintain the list of students. Auto calculation of Due Date for Book Issued to Students. Students can renew the books borrowed by them. Students can also reserve a book. The Librarian has the option to remove old or outdated books from circulation. The School/College can prepare a Book Sales Invoice for books sold. Lifetime Use, No Annual Fee. Easy-to-Use, Get started in minutes. Easy learning with documents and videos available on Pen Drive. Menu-driven backups. No IT Staff required.
Features: User Defined Book Category, Book Master, Student Master, Book Purchased and Donations, Book Circulation, Book Sales and lots more…
Maintain Catalog of Books in the Library, Monitor the Copies of Book Available for lending, Record details of Books Purchased and Received as Donations, Manage Books Issued with Due Date & Books Returned, Renewal of Books, Reserve Books, collection of Fine Amount for Overdue or Lost Books, Maintain details of Books Removed or Sold and MIS reports.
SmartLibrary runs on Windows OS (11/10/8 and variants). It is for Lifetime Use. No Annual Fee is charged. It has a Single-Device License. However, SmartLibrary supports many internal users who may login, use and logout on the same PC. Menu-driven backups. No IT Staff required.
SmartLibrary does not include School Management Modules, SMS or Email Alerts and Financial Accounting.