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SmartOPD – Out-Patient & Clinic Software

Price: ₹15,990 - ₹7,990.00
(as of May 08,2023 21:30:57 UTC – Details)

Product Description

SmartOPD is a complete Out-Patient & Clinic Management System suitable for Clinics, Polyclinics, Hospitals and Nursing Homes.

SmartOPD is for Life Time use. No Annual Fee is charged.

SmartOPD is easy to install and can be installed by you. Getting Started and Usage Videos are provided.


Masters: Doctors on Call, Services & Charges, List of Illness, Prescription Medicines.Appointments: Appointment Booking.Patient Management: Patient Registration, Out Patient Consultation & Billing, Day Care.Prescription: Prescription with Doctor’s observation.Medicine Sales: Prepare a Bill for medicines sold to Outpatients.Certificates: Medical Certificate and Case Summary.Reports: SmartOPD provides different types of documents and reports.Admin: App/Clinic Information, User Management, Backup & Restore, Data Purge, Change Password.

Salient Features:

Doctors: The contact details of the Consulting Doctors associated with the Clinic can be stored. Information such as the doctor’s Registration. No., Qualification, Mobile Number. Email, Address, etc may be stored.Service: Define various Services like Consultation, Dressing, Suture, Vaccination, Day Care, etc., that are rendered by the doctor(s) at the Clinic. The rate for these services may be maintained for billing purposes.Prescription: The list of medicines prescribed by the consulting doctors. It is easy for the doctor to select the medicine from the list when preparing a prescription.Appointments: The receptionist books the appointments for the doctor. In case of a Polyclinic, appointments for each doctor can be booked separately. The receptionist can print the list of appointments for the day for each doctor and hand over the list to the concerned doctor.Patient Registration: Registration of a new Patient and auto generation of a unique Medical Record Number. All necessary data of the patient are collected and maintained. A Patient’s complete history can be viewed at one shot.OPD Consultation: The OPD Registration Number is generated automatically. In a Polyclinic, the Doctor to be consulted can be selected from Doctors List. The OPD Bill is auto-calculated based on the Services availed by the patient. The doctor can mention a brief note on the patient’s medical condition, diagnosis & treatment. Vital parameters like Temperature, BP, Pulse, SpO2 and Height & Weight can be recorded.Consultation and Services: The Medical Services availed by patient such as Consultation, Dressing, Vaccination, etc. The service charges are automatically included in the OPD Bill. The bill can consist of more than one service.Prescription: The consulting doctor may generate the prescription in a well-defined format. The doctor mentions the medicine name, dosage & duration along with the time the medicine has to be taken. Specific instructions for each medicine can be given. Prescription can be printed on A4 Size paper or A5 Size paperDay Care: A separate Day Care/Minor OT Bill can be generated with details of the service rendered.Medical Certificate/Case Summary: A formal Medical Certificate can be generated if needed by the patient. The format is kept flexible to enable the doctor to enter his/her comments about the illness, period and the treatment given. The certificate can be printed a standard A4 size paper with the clinic’s name & address and logo.Medicine Bill: SmartOPD has the option to prepare a bill for medicines sold to the patient.Reports: SmartOPD helps the doctor generate many useful reports. The doctor can even generate a report showing details of Cash Receipts for any given period. It can be for a day or even a month. Many more useful reports available.SmartOPD is very easy to use. No Database is required, No IT staff is required. No training is needed.

The doctor can maintain a list of his/her patients with all necessary details of the patient like Name, Phone, Address and medical history. The Patient past medical history is ready for a quick review by the doctor, when the patient walks in for consultation.
Functional Coverage: Appointments, Patient Registration, Consultation, Prescription, Out-Patient Billing, Medicine Bill, Case Summary, Medical Certificate, Day Care/Minor OT, Service Rate Master, Prescription Medicine Master, Form 3C Register, OPD Revenue Statement, Medicine Sales Statement. SmartOPD works well for Clinics run by a single-doctor or a Polyclinic with two or more Specialist Doctors.
Buy the Windows version and download the Android App to view data. SmartOPD runs on Windows OS (10/8 and variants). It is for Lifetime Use. No Annual Fee is charged. It has a Single-Device License. However, SmartOPD supports many internal users who may login, use and logout on the same PC. Menu-driven backups. No IT Staff required. SmartOPD is easy to install and can be installed by you. Getting Started and Usage Videos are available to tutor the user on using SmartOPD.
SmartOPD does not include, In-Patient Registration & Billing, Discharge Summary, OT Records, Doctor’s Note and Medication chart. It is not suitable for hospitals and nursing homes having in-patients.