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Sons of the Forest gets Two-Log Calvin, Golf Duck, and more in latest update -By Fsk

Sons of the Forest roared out of the gates when it launched in Steam Early Access in February, and 2m+ copies sold later, developer Endnight Games is continuing to improve the experience, this time adding ducks, a lake For, a double log buff for fan-favorite fellow Calvin, and a sad ending for a levitating life jacket.

This all comes through in patch #4 of Sons of the Forest, which brings a welcome amount of quality-of-life improvements, while shedding a lot of light on radical new features – including the aforementioned Calvin Buff which means he can now play two big games at once. log – plus tweaks, and more.

there is Some New stuff on the feature front, however, includes a new action cam, which is used to watch footage tapes of Sons of the Forest – the first of which is now in-game – as well as new points of interest discovery laptops. , and the ability to save games .

Sons of the Forest multiplayer trailer.

And then it’s on to the fixes, which is where the patch notes start to get a little surreal. The cannibals, for example, “now occasionally see each other when they’re not fighting”, the birds are a “small percentage” faster, and it’s a rollercoaster of emotions for the female cannibal. His new activity list now swings directly from “cheering on other family members and dancing to the occasional radio music” to “drinking blood from village troughs or dead animals”.

Moving on, ducks are now a thing at the golf course, and then 14 bullet points later, Andnight remembers to mention that it’s a lake there too. And let us take a moment to consider the strange poignancy of the phrase, “fixed loan life jacket floating in the sky.”

Full patch notes for today’s Sons of the Forest update can be found on Steam, with this latest round of fixes and additions being just a small part of what is expected to be a 6-8 month Early Access journey for the game.

And if you haven’t explored the open-world survival horror of Endnight yet, you have a lot to look forward to. Eurogamer contributor Vicky Blake was surprised by how much she enjoyed her early hours with the Sons of the Forest when she saw March temporarily lurking in her woods.