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Sorry, Armored Corps 6 Won’t Include Poison Swamp -By Fsk

Hidetaka Miyazaki, president of FromSoftware and creator of Dark Souls, loves a poison swamp.

They’re everywhere in the Soulsborn games: loved by Miyazaki and hated by players. We also evaluated all of them.

But Swamp fans, I’m afraid to tell you that the studio’s upcoming mech battle game Armored Corps 6: Fire of Rubicon will not feature a Poison Swamp – or equivalent – area.

armored core 6 gameplay trailer

At a recent hands-off preview of the game, I spoke with game director Masaru Yamamura and other members of the FromSoftware team.

And it was confirmed that no, there is no such area in the game.

it is not surprising. After all, not only is Miyazaki not working directly on the game (he’s busy with the DLC for Elden Ring), the world of Armored Core 6 is one of mech battling on a fire-scorched post-apocalyptic planet. No one wants their mech to get bogged down.

Still, it’s a sign that Armored Core 6 is very different from the Soulsborne games, even if it is influenced by the company’s game design philosophy.

For more on Armored Core 6, check out my preview of the game. It is set for release on August 25 on PlayStation and Xbox consoles and PC.