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Stardew Valley creator shares a selection of adorable hand-drawn concept notes and sketches -By Fsk

Eric “ConcernedApp” Barron recently shared a selection of the very early sketches and ideas that ultimately led to the creation of the fan-favorite farming sim, Stardew Valley.

They include handwritten notes and annotations by Baron explaining how he expects players to interact with the various characters and objects in the game.

An early look at the Haunted Chocolatier.

,[I] Was going through some things and found my old notebook with the original community center concept,” tweeted Barron, before sharing amazing sketches taken from his original notebook.

Its since prompted fans to ask If Barron had a plan to sell his doodles as a physical art book.

“If you publish this notebook and sell it, I’ll buy it, it’s cute,” affirmed one fan.

Eric “ConcernedApp” Barron recently confirmed that he was “taking a break” from work on his long-awaited follow-up game Haunted Chocolatier to focus once again on Stardew Valley.

As Tom recently summarized for us, Barron previously confirmed there would be more material for his hit famed life simulation in June last year. Stardew Valley update 1.6 will include changes to allow for easier and more powerful modding, Barron confirmed via Twitter, along with some “new game content, albeit much less than in 1.5”.