Steps To Boost Your Organic CTR In Google

One can not imagine a life without the internet today. From teenagers to older people, everyone is on the internet surfing their form of entertainment. It was one of the major reasons why the company’s marketing departments shifted its focus from traditional to digital marketing. If you also have a site but you are not getting enough organic traffic to take its full advantage, then to have higher-ranking pages, you must learn how to increase CTR or Click Through Rate.

In digital marketing, SEO plays a vital role in ranking your page amongst the SERPs’ top searches. But to achieve this, you need to optimize your content in a great way. Now, Google is one of the most popular search engines of all time. Hence, it can be very difficult for you to rank in the result page’s initial pages. 

A great SEO is done through different techniques. Each of these has its parameters through which the result of the application of such techniques can be determined. One such parameter is the organic CTR. Now, to increase CTR, an SEO analyst has to input a good sum of effort and time.

It is important to note here that a good AdWords CTR is 4-5%+ on the search network or 0.5-1%+ on the display network.

This post will take you deep into the world of CTR and help you understand how you can increase Click Through Rate in an organic manner. So, without any further ado, let us get started-

What is organic CTR on google? 

Organic CTR or Click-through-Rate is described as that percentage of searchers or traffic on a particular website. But now, if any website is not able to generate as much traffic that we need. In this case, organic CTR can be used because google uses this CTR to re-rank articles. 

Why is this organic CTR important for any webpage? 

Digital Marketing is no different than traditional marketing. Through digital techniques, you can attract a lot of customers to your website. You can specifically target a particular geographical location, a set of people having the same taste in your products, your audience’s age group. It will help boost your ad and reach the specific public who may be interested in buying your product. 

Firstly, if you want to increase CTR, this will, in turn, help in increasing the traffic, and the number of clicks on the webpage rises. Secondly, Google has also added a variety of features in recent years. In fact, Google uses CTR to re-rank articles in the SERPs, which again impacts the ranking of the webpage. So, as we have seen the importance and working of CTR on google, now let us have a look at what can be the ways that can improve CTR.   

Top 19 Methods To Increase CTR

Following mentioned are some steps to increase CTR:

1) Improving upon quality score might help

How does improvement in the quality score can help a website increase CTR? The quality score helps in the measurement of the relevance as well as the quality of the advertisement. Ads that possess a high-quality score qualify for higher ranking and make the user likely to increase the click-through rate.   

2) Incorporation of good ad extensions

Using good ad extensions might improve CTR. All of the ads might not be applicable for turning out to be the best in terms of suitability for a particular webpage campaign. Following are some of the commonly used extensions that help in improving the CTR:

  1. Sitelink ad extension
  2. Call extension
  3. Promotion extension
  4. Price extension
  5. Other ad extensions

3) Different types of ads must be tested

Sticking to one ad might not increase CTR. It is due to two main reasons. First can be your advert might not be the same as that of the competitor’s one to impart the value of uniqueness. And second, the ads must be customized according to the campaign of the theme of the webpage.  

4) Keyword groups must be well themed to increase CTR

Being the most important part of the strategy of SEO [Search Engine Optimization]. It is because keywords if integrated into the content for the website, will increase the volume of the organic reach to the targeted audience. The more keywords being incorporated in the targeted audience’s content, the more are the chances of hiking up the traffic. It is how to improve CTR by grouping the keywords according to the website’s theme being designed.  

5) Ad copy must consist of highlighting price

Highlighting the price in an ad copy can help to increase CTR. Firstly, this might be helpful if your price is lower than that of the competitor’s price; secondly, if your website is having a valid offer going on. Thirdly, the if price mentioned on an ad provides the audience with additional information about your web page or product.  

6) Perfect advertisements must be curated to influence the targeted audience

You must curate the perfect ad to target the right audience. advertisement plays a major role in generating organic CTR. A good ad is often clicked by the audience and thereby increasing the traffic on the website. 

7) Potential and effective meta description

How does an effective meta description help improve CTR? It is because the meta description tag makes up the majority of SERPs. It is the only way to influence the audience to click on the URL.

8) Implementation of perfectly structured data

A well designed and structured data will help in creating rich and engaging content. It will also improve CTR as it plays the role of schema markup.

9) Engaging, as well as creative posts with images, should be created

As pictures describe more than words do. They might also help to increase CTR when used in emails, and the engagement on the social media channels also hike up.

10) Appropriate links must be added

Descriptive links help to increase CTR because of the length, category, path of the URL help in an effective search result. The links help drive the traffic from one page of the website to another, thereby increasing the whole website’s domain authority. 

11) The title should be simplified to increase CTR

The title should be simplified, short as well as engaging to increase CTR; this is because, if the tile is not simplified, the audience would take time in understanding one and might eliminate the valuable click.

12) If using word-press, use Yoast preview

Yoast preview being the all in one SEO suite, provides the best results, in turn leading to a significant rise in the CTR or improve CTR. It would enable us to view a snippet preview providing us with a brief of how it appears on Google SERPs. It also helps in determining that the snippet needs to be cut or the character limited has been reached.

13) Speed of the site should be optimized

How to improve CTR by this? What if a web page does not load in time? It would rather degrade the user experience, in turn eliminating the number of clicks.

14) Usage of Google AdWords for preview might help

Google AdWords Preview Tool has an ever new and an extra feature that Yoast lacks. It acquires the potential to optimize the preview according to desktop or mobiles; here, tiles and descriptions change accordingly.

15) Headlines can be tested on social media channels

If tiles have a strong impacting power to attract an audience, start to the webpage, work is all sorted. Proper research of the headlines plays a key role in improving CTR. It is because headlines if analyzed properly, taking into consideration the social media, would help in gaining clicks.

16) Listicles are a must

Listicles play a key role in popularising the content of the webpage and help in the improvement of CTR. It is due to the reason that people or the audience end upon landing on a page that contains lists. Lists make the content more attractive, as well as informative.

17) Localizing of the content

As mobile searches have taken a pace in the past 8-10 years, localizing the content improves CTR.

18) Utilization of the smart bidding strategies

Smart bidding is a strategy in which you can optimize your bids to maximize the conversion rate or value throughout the campaign. It will help you to gain more organic CTR at a lower price. 

19) Testing different types of ads might help

Google ads discovery has been launched by Google to prioritize mobile-specific browsing, and this might also help improve the CTR.

Summing Up!

Other than just including keywords, entering card details, or advertising, more options would help a webpage increase CTR. 

Earlier the work was done on the bases of hit and trial bases; people used to pay and see what happens. But now, with the help of google ads CTR, it has become a sure shot hit in increasing the traffic. Hence, some of the ways regarding how to improve CTR by using google were specified above. 

Organic traffic plays a vital role in creating a digital plan for any business. 

Increasing CTR will increase the engagement of customers of the brand, product, business, or even service and increase the number of clicks. It will also provide the website with the chance to stand on the top of search results.

To learn and master best practices to boost organic CTR in Google, enrol in an SEO course right now!


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