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Street Fighter 6 confirms first four DLC characters, demo drops on PS5 and PS4 -By Fsk

Capcom has announced the first four DLC characters coming to Street Fighter 6, and dropped a new demo on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

Four playable characters are set for the first year of Street Fighter 6. They are Rashid (summer 2023), AKI (autumn – 2023), Akuma (spring 2024) and Ed (winter 2024). The video below shows some of the artwork for his Street Fighter 6 designs.

In the meantime, Capcom has released the Street Fighter 6 demo on PS5 and PS4 tonight. It lets you play the early part of the World Tour mode and create an avatar that can be used in the main game when it comes out in June.

The Demo will launch on all platforms on April 26. The video below shows what to expect.

Capcom also went into detail when the single-player modes came with Street Fighter 6. Chief among them is World Tour, which lets you level up an avatar, explore different locations like Metro City, and interact with famous characters from the world of Street Fighter and other Capcom games.

There’s a big final fight element here with Hagar, Carlos Miyamoto, and other characters from Capcom’s beat ’em up.

The video below shows the World Tour.