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Tanta V Trust Forspoken DLC gets first gameplay trailer -By Fsk

Square Enix has revealed our first look at the gameplay in Forspoken DLC – Tanta We Trust.

Releasing May 26 on PlayStation 5 and PC, it is a prequel to the main game as protagonist Frey is launched back in time.

While the gameplay remains the same, Frey will be joined on her adventure by Tanta Cinta lending her abilities during combat and exploration. Check out the trailer below.

Forspoken – In Tanta We Trust Gameplay Trailer

Who is Tanta? She is the matriarchal sorceress who rules the mystical land of Athia, to which Frey is transported during the opening of the game.

The DLC will take place at the end of the story, as Frey finds a way to permanently rid Athia of the Break – its strange corruption.

From the trailer description: “In the midst of her search, she follows a mysterious voice that leads her into the past. When she emerges, Frey finds herself surrounded by chaos and destruction. Wounded and bloodied Wrapped in clothes, she discovers a grim truth about her destiny. Athia is at war in the recently concluded war, but why and with whom? With Tanta Cinta and a new set of magic, Frey uncovers the answers must and must save Athia once again – and attempt to save himself.”

Although news of the DLC had been known for some time, Square Enix admitted that sales of Forspoken had “languished” following critical reviews of the game.

Its development team, Luminous Productions, has also been folded into Square Enix.

Still, there has been some positive reception to the game – and for fans, the experience in Tanta V Trust should provide a satisfying conclusion.

Our Forspoken review praised its combat and exploration. In the meantime, I spoke with composer Gary Shaiman on finding a musical voice for Frey.