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Taxmann’s e-TDS Returns Software | FY 2022-23 | Single User – Your key for hassle-free TDS & TCS related compliances | Vinod K. Singhania | [Activation via Code provided on Email]

Price: ₹8,142 - ₹8,100.00
(as of May 10,2023 16:21:52 UTC – Details)

Taxmann’s e-TDS Returns is an automated software trusted by 10,000+ customers for end-to-end TDS and TCS-related compliances.

Using e-TDS Returns software, you can prepare and file TDS/TCS returns and generate the TDS/TCS certificates. It helps you compute the TDS/TCS liability accurately and ensures hassle-free compliances. You can also manage all TDS/TCS compliances of all your clients from one single dashboard.

e-TDS Returns is for Financial Year 2022-23, created by Taxmann’s Technologies Team, Dr Vinod K. Singhania & Dr Kapil Singhania.
Getting the Documents Ready | Excel sheets are just the beginning – (1) [Easy Import/Export Bulk Data] with .txt files, Conso files or MS Excel templates
Validation | e-TDS Returns has you covered! – (1) [Default Notice Predictor] e-TDS Return’s algorithm identifies the possible errors in the Return and predicts the possibility of getting a default notice. helps you to generate an error-free return and minimize the chances of the default notice. (2) [Higher Tax Deduction/Collection for Non-filers] Auto calculation for TDS/TCS at a higher rate for deductees/collectees who have not filed their Income Tax Returns for the specified period
Filing your TDS/TCS compliances made easier – (1) [One Interface for all your TDS Compliances] Covering the following: – (i) Return Preparation (ii) Return Generation & Uploading (iii) Generation of TDS/TCS Certificates from TRACES (iv) Request for a Revised Return for any Correction from TRACES (v) Bulk PAN Verification. (1) [100% Online, No Paper Work] e-TDS Returns is 100% online & no-paperwork is required, where even TDS Certificates like Form 16/16A can be directly mailed to deductees
Bulk Filing? We have that covered! – (1) [Secure & Fast Generation of TDS Entries] Generate bulk TDS entries in no time. (2) [Rebuilt on Latest Technology] e-TDS Returns has been rebuilt on the latest technology to provide you with a secured database with faster processing, and a better experience
New Features | Holistically covering everything related to TDS/TCS – (1) [Detailed Salary Calculation] Annexure-II is now available with the functionality of calculation of all allowances, perquisites & other components of the salary. (2) [Deduction of TDS on Pension and Interest] Annexure III for TDS u/s 194P is now available in Form 24Q. (3) [TDS as per Alternate Tax Regime | Section 115BAC]
Other Features | Ready to take you to the extra mile! – (1) [Auto Live Updates] so you do not waste your time updating the software (2) [No Loss of Data and Backup Flexibility] Facility to take backup of your data from e-TDS to your Dropbox account. The backup can be taken organization wise, year-wise or as a full backup (3) [Flexible and Customization Option for Bulk Users] is available (4) [Available in Single User/Multi-User Setups] is available for single or multi-user (up to 5 users)
Always Amended & Updated | Our USP for the last six decades! – (1) [Updated with Latest Statutory Changes] e-TDS Returns is updated with all the changes notified by the CBDT in various TDS/TCS forms, like Form 24Q, 26Q, 27Q, 27EQ, etc. (2) [Latest FVU/RPU Version] provided by the NSDL (3) [Amended up to Finance Act, 2022] e-TDS Returns is updated with all the amendments that are made by the Finance Act 2022