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Techland puts feelers on a possible Dying Light 3 -By Fsk

Techland has put the feelers out of a possible Dying Light 3.

In the week of the release of rival zombie kill ’em up Dead Island 2, Dying Light franchise director Tymon Smekta polled followers on Twitter:

“If we do DL3, would you be most excited if the main protagonist (as a ‘profession’) was:

  • only one survivor
  • nightrunner
  • traveler
  • GRE Agent (well done)

(42.8 percent voted in favor of the GRE Agent.)

Smecta’a stressed at the start of the tweet that this isn’t an announcement of Dying Light 3, but it certainly sounds like it given the success of previous games in the series. And seeing the possibility of Dying Light 3’s existence on social media, Techland suggested it was in the works in some form.

Ian and Aoife chat spoiler-free about Dying Light 2.

Dying Light launched in 2015 and was a huge success – so much so that Techland supported the game with new content for years. Dying Light 2 launches in 2022 after several delays.

Hopefully, if Techland moves forward with Dying Light 3, it won’t take seven years to come out.