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Tell us your favorite Star Wars gaming memory, and win Jedi: Survivor on PS5 -By Fsk

We have a PlayStation 5 copy of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor up for grabs — the game Chris just reviewed is out this week — and we thought we’d do something cool and give it away to one of you guys. Yes, that means any of you reading the site, Eurogamer pro or otherwise.

But because there’s only one code, and because you’re many, we had to get creative about how to approach it. That’s why we decided to have a contest.

The contest is simple: We want to hear your favorite Star Wars gaming memory, and the one we like the most will win the code.

Watch the final trailer for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor here to see it in action.

What might your Star Wars memory look like? Well, it’s about any moment you’ve had with the franchise in video game form. Maybe you’ve played Fallen Order, the game before Survivor, and this is one big nerd moment from it. Or maybe it’s a moment of Battlefront games while playing with friends.

Or perhaps your Star Wars memories go back to the Knights of the Old Republic games, or the Jedi Academy and earlier Jedi Knight games. or even further back.

Whatever the game, whatever the reason, entertain us and that code can be yours. It’s actually a bit funny.

Entries will be the comments written below, and we’ll decide the winner after the weekend!

May good luck and force be with you.