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Tetris Effect: One of five Connected games soon leaving Game Pass -By Fsk

Microsoft has confirmed that five games will be leaving Game Pass in the next two weeks.

The amazing Tetris Effect: Connected is one of the games to be out by the end of April. I’ve had this on my Xbox Series S for what feels like forever. Now it’s finally time to decide whether to buy it or not (yes, of course I will!).

Other games that have left Game Pass are Dragon Quest Builders 2, Destroy All Humans!, Unsold and Bugsnax.

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For those who prefer sports in list form, here you go:

  • Tetris Effect: Connected
  • dragon quest builders 2
  • Destroy all humans!
  • unresolved
  • Bugsnax

In a look at what’s coming to Game Pass, Microsoft’s own Minecraft Legends subscription service launches on April 18th across console, PC, and the cloud. Following that is Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus and Butterfly on April 20th, Homestead Arcana on April 21st, Arkane’s Redfall on May 2nd and Capcom’s Exoprimal on July 14th.