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The Meta Quest Gaming Showcase is happening in June -By Fsk

Meta is gearing up for another VR-focused Meta Quest gaming showcase, this time on June 1st promising more than 40 minutes of announcements, first looks and updates.

The main event is running at 10pm PT in the UK/Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and essentially Horizon Worlds at 10pm PT, but Meta is also holding a pre-show 15 minutes earlier, which says, “The game Update” and the debut trailer”.

Once the pre-amble is out of the way, Oculus Studios executive producer Ruth Bram will take the stage to present Meta Quest’s big announcements, and that will be followed by a post-show developer roundtable, which will be “intensely built around some -dive talks”. Upcoming Games”.

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There’s no indication of what Meta Quest might be up for grabs, but with Meta Quest 3 currently expected to arrive in September or October this year, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, it’s an interesting show. It is possible

Today’s announcement, unfortunately, comes amid massive layoffs at Meta, with the company currently looking to cut 10,000 jobs through 2023, in addition to the 11,000 job losses announced last year. Its most recent round of layoffs was reported to heavily impact lone eco developer Ready at Dawn – one employee claimed a third of the studio had lost their jobs – as well as onward developer Downpour Interactive, acquired by Meta in 2021. .