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The “supreme majority” of Sega of America workers announce plans to unionize -By Fsk

A “majority” of employees at Sega of America have announced plans to unionize with the aim of achieving higher base pay, better benefits and a number of other goals.

This latest unionization effort is being organized in conjunction with the Communications Workers of America union – which has previously assisted employees such as Activision Blizzard King and ZeniMax Studios – and a wide selection of departments and disciplines at Sega’s Irvine, California headquarters. represents.

According to Axios, the group — which calls itself the Allied Employees Guild Improving Sega, or AEGIS-CWA for short — includes 144 employees with roles in marketing, localization, product development and quality assurance.

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AEGIS says it represents a supermajority of workers at the Sega of America Irvine office, and has filed for election with the National Labor Relations Board. “We are united in our belief that by banding together, we can secure a future where we are empowered to advocate for ourselves and for our allies,” it read in one Statement shared on Twitter,

“In our quest to reclaim our collective power,” it continued, “we have built bridges with fellow employees across our company in an effort to understand the issues we share, and those that are unique to each department. As an example, nearly a third of Sega’s longtime employees still have full-time status, paid time off, proper training, or even bereavement leave despite devoting years of their lives to Sega. is lacking.

The AEGIS statement also outlines the goals it intends to achieve through unionization:

  • High base salary for all in line with industry standards, with increases linked to cost of living and inflation
  • Better, stable benefits for all, including healthcare, retirement, remote work opportunities, and more
  • Enhanced, clearly outlined opportunities for advancement
  • Balanced workload and schedule, and defined responsibilities for all positions
  • Adequate staffing of departments to eliminate the pattern of overwork

AEGIS’ unionization bid follows successful unionization efforts by Microsoft’s ZeniMax Studios, Activision Blizzard’s Raven Software, and Blizzard Albany. Employees at Activision-owned Proletar Studios were forced to abandon plans to form a union in January after alleged “confrontational tactics” by the developer’s CEO.