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This new Honky Star Rail teaser shows a character fans are very, very excited about -By Fsk

A new Honky: Star Rail teaser trailer is here, and it’s got fans of the series incredibly excited.

The video — “Seal Trailer – Uneventful Night” — not only shows off what Seele can do, but also teases the appearance of another fan-favorite character: Bronya.

Seale Trailer – “Uneventful Night” | Honkai: Star Rail

“A belbog night, hate cannot hide from lies. Her cold eyes, while the world passes by,” teases the mysterious video description. “Belobog’s night, the fire of lies cannot last. One last smile on his face, a sign that always rises.”

One fan commented, “My jaw dropped when Bronya appeared.” “They are such a power couple.”

“No matter what game it is, Seale and Bronya are together and I love it!” Said another.

Honky: Star Rail isn’t out until April 26, 2023, but it already has 10 million users. That’s according to developer Hoyverse, which announced the milestone on its social media channels last weekend.

Honkai: Star Rail is the latest live service offering from Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd developer, Hoyverse, but it’s not the same game as any, as Jessica explains in our Honkai Star Rail explained guide.

For a more in-depth look at the systems, features, daily activities, and how Star Rail plays, you can check out our Honkai: Star Rail preview from our time playing the last closed beta.