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This Resident Evil 4 Remake fan recreated Leon’s attache case to show what it would look like in real life -By Fsk

A Resident Evil 4 fan has created a real-life recreation of Leon Kennedy’s attache case to show how Leon’s items would be “massive in real life”.

The recreation – which takes a screenshot of a late-game Kennedy loadout as its source – is fantastically faithful, including eggs, a “fish”, guns with their attachments, as well as ammo and health items, and it suggests that in real life, the case that holds Lyon’s list would be prohibitively large.

You can check out the great photo – which was shared on Reddit – right here (thanks, TheGamer):

How big would the RE4 attaché case be in real life.
By u/AbatNaBitin in Gaming

Capcom recently added microtransactions to Resident Evil 4 Remake just two weeks after the action horror released.

Capcom says it has resolved the “issue” of the feature no longer being available in the PC versions of Resident Evil 2 and 3, after it was quietly removed from the Steam versions of both remakes last week.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Review – Spoiler Free Resident Evil 4 Review

“The problem with remakes is you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t – change too little and the players will ask what the point was. Change too much and you’re going to upset longtime fans.” are taking the risk of doing, while thumbing yours.” Oife wrote in his Resident Evil 4 Remake review, in which he awarded the remake a Recommended badge.

“Remaking one of the most influential games of the past twenty years is no small feat, yet Capcom has pulled it off here. Leon is equally dry, Ada is a smoke show, Ashley is noticeably less than the original.” is annoying (even if his fashion sense has gone awry), and the badass is given his time to shine and then explodes into a mass of entrails and extra limbs. Oh and regenerative? Still totally Terrible. There are some sequences that fall flat, especially late game, but overall this is as good as a remake gets. Even if the bingo context is a bit lost on newer generations.