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Torchlight: Infinite finally has a release date -By Fsk

Free-to-download action role-playing game Torchlight: Infinite comes to PC and mobile on May 9, Shanghai-based publisher XD Games has announced.

The launch proper comes after an extended open beta and Steam Early Access period that runs through October 2022.

A new season titled Cube of Raposity begins on May 9th, bringing a revamp to the game’s loot and crafting systems, and adding a new playable protagonist named Escapist Bing. Here’s the official blurb:

“This unpredictable troublemaker adds some serious firepower to the RPG’s character roster, luring your enemies with an indiscriminate barrage of bombs.”

Torchlight: Infinite has been further optimized for the Steam deck, said XD Games.

Torchlight, if you’re unfamiliar, was originally the work of now-defunct developer Runic Games, which made two games in the series before it closed in 2017 — the sequel providing a critically acclaimed chunk of dungeon-crawling and class-based hacks. Does -and-slash action.

After disbanding Runic, publisher Perfect World revived the series just nine months later, handing the reins over to developer Extra Games for 2020’s Torchlight 3. After a bit of an uproar — but, after the less-than-stellar reception of Torchlight 3, those free-to-play plans are back on for Torchlight: Infinite.

David Breivik, the developer best known for co-creating the Diablo franchise, joined the Torchlight: Infinite development team late last year as a consulting producer.