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Ubisoft May Extend XDefiant Closed Beta On “Horrible” Server Experience -By Fsk

Ubisoft may expand on its “terrible” server experience on the XDefiant closed beta.

Executive producer Mark Rubin said on Twitter that Ubisoft would discuss the possibility of extending the closed beta, which ends on April 23.

Ubisoft has released a raft of updates to the beta to improve the experience. My own time with the game on PlayStation 5 was beset by technical issues that forced restarts to get me a match. Ubisoft responded to the progression problems by unlocking everything for all players.

In another tweet, Rubin acknowledged that the server experience had been “terrible” and apologized.

“I know this is a beta and it’s good to get all these issues out of the way now rather than later, but I still really wanted everyone to just have a good time and I’m disappointed that we have so many issues.” All the issues,” Rubin said.

“Thank you so much for playing and being together!”

Free-to-download 6v6 first-person shooter XDefiant pitches squarely at disgruntled Call of Duty multiplayer fans, and includes features that have left Activision’s games behind in recent years, such as the classic mini-map , map voting and maintaining the lobby between games.

Ian recently took the XDefiant for a spin, and you can see the results in the video below.