“What An Alien Would Tweet”: Twitter Disagrees With Elon Musk’s Argument

'What An Alien Would Tweet': Twitter Disagrees With Elon Musk's Argument

Elon Musk has shared his takes about aliens a number of occasions on Twitter (File)

Tech billionaire Elon Musk has triggered a Twitter storm along with his “strongest argument towards aliens”. The Tesla founder shared a graph of how digital camera resolutions have improved through the years however resolutions of images involving UFOs or unidentified flying objects stay the identical. Mr Musk’s newest tweet has acquired 1000’s of responses thus far.

Not agreeing with Mr Musk’s argument, Synthetic Intelligence scientist Lex Fridman stated “that is precisely what an alien would tweet.”

Final month, Mr Musk had stated, “I’m an Alien,” in response to a tweet by CRED proprietor Kunal Shah. The founding father of the cardboard invoice cost platform had requested Mr Musk how he manages context switching whereas operating over 4 firms.

Entrepreneur Amit Paranjape quipped that he thought there was a reverse correlation. He added that with the arrival of smartphone cameras, random UFO sightings appear to have lowered.

A person even shared a meme of how cameras used to seize photographs in 1939 versus what they seize in 2021 when a UFO is sighted.

Justifying the decision of the UFO photos, one individual stated that the alleged aliens’ swift motion distorts pictures.

Gamer Chris Covent requested Ms Musk if he’s saying that aliens don’t exist as a result of there is no such thing as a 4K picture [of the UFOs].

Mr Musk has shared his takes about aliens a number of occasions on the micro-blogging website. In 2020, the 49-year-old billionaire had tweeted that the pyramids of Egypt had been constructed by aliens. He even acquired an invitation from Rania A Al Mashat, Minister of Worldwide Cooperation, to go to Egypt and examine how the pyramids had been constructed.

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