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what are we playing -By Fsk

April 28, 2023

Greetings! Welcome to our regular feature where we write a little about some of the games we’ve played over the past few days. This time: coffee, nostalgia and nostalgic horror.

If you want to check out some older versions of What We’ve Been Playing, here’s our archive.

Coffee Talk 2, Xbox

Coffee talk 2.

As always, it’s slaying it down in Seattle. It’s late but the place is still pretty empty. Officer Georgie worries about how to get home quickly when a new client arrives. Long, golden, ram’s horns grew neatly on either side of his head.

they sit down. This is lucas. They tell me they loved coffee, but their stomachs got upset on it. They miss the boldness of it as well as the caffeine. Any suggestions.

I recommend matcha. Isn’t it just the tea, Lucas asks. I say, but strong. I make them matcha – bright green in cups. Lucas pulls out his smartphone to take a picture of her, and as they do I reach over to take a screenshot of the moment, on the other side of the screen.


fortnite xbox


It’s never a bad time to kick back an hour or two in Fornite, but it can get pretty awkward. I know this game better than any other by this point, but a few months away – deadlines, a huge amount of work, my daughter playing between us more or less playing Minecraft in the evenings – and I’m going to figure it out. Came back for I’ve lost my bearings a bit.

Dropping into a match this week, I spent a surprisingly lonely few hours exploring the new mega city, before grabbing a bike and racing through the streets at speeds that would have felt impossible back in the day when the game got its first vehicles – which Was, I think, a shopping trolley. There are new distractions everywhere: treasure chests drop weapons I’ve never seen before, mission toasts refer to in-game ideas I’ve forgotten all about, and every few minutes I get a new perk. I can because I’m still alive.

Fortnite has been a part of my life for so long now that I’m nostalgic – nostalgic for the days when fun here meant parachuting into Loot Lake and hoping I could land on a rooftop and score something big. I can make my way up to the attic for It sounds pretty bizarre now, but the core of the fun remains. It’s still about as easy and painless a form of entertainment as you could ask for, and every few minutes, you feel like you’ve seen something new.

chris donlan

resident evil 4, xbox

Video team splits racy 4.

I’m on the island now, the final third of Resident Evil 4 rather generic military/industrial-themed. I know it at least as well, despite several runs through Capcom’s classic on various platforms over the years, though the remake’s canny tweaks to its Village and Castle sections ensure I’m always surprised. Am.

For me, the island is where I really start to feel in control of Leon’s arsenal, with my gun choices and upgrades really outnumbering enemies. That’s another reason why this final third is perhaps a little less memorable – save for the dreaded regenerator enemy that knocks Leon down a peg. They’re still awesome here, which I’m glad about. They look terrible, they sound terrible – all smell like a phlegmatic hedgehog – and they walk terrible, suddenly flopping around and shooting off the floor in front of the camera again. Even in its weakest sections, Resident Evil 4 remains spectacular. I can’t wait to start it again when I finish it soon.

tom phillips