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Xbox owners can no longer share game uploads directly to Twitter -By Fsk

Microsoft has disabled its function that allowed users to share their game uploads directly from Xbox consoles and Windows Game Bar to Twitter.

“You can still share your favorite moments on Twitter through the Xbox app for Android and iOS,” Microsoft assured users last night when sharing this news.

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In a recent update, Microsoft additionally revealed that, starting April 25, its “multi-platform Smart campaigns will no longer support Twitter”.

The multinational technology corporation said as of this date, users will be unable to access their Twitter accounts, create and manage drafts or tweets, view past tweets and engage or schedule tweets through Microsoft’s social management tool.

It noted that “other social media channels” would remain available, name-checking Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

It follows social media platform Elon Musk’s controversial move, with the Twitter boss now requiring companies to pay API fees – something Microsoft is reportedly refusing to do.

Meanwhile, Musk himself has threatened to sue Microsoft for allegedly using data from Twitter without his permission.

How has he shared this news? Via a tweet, of course.

,[Microsoft] Illegally trained using Twitter data,” Musk tweeted on Wednesday. He then ended with two choice words: “Time to sue.

Ever since Musk took over Twitter back in October, he has been making headlines. Soon after he joined, there were massive layoffs across the company, including Twitter’s then-social lead for gaming.

Meanwhile, Musk hired notorious hacker George “GeoHot” Hotz to fix the vulnerable social network’s search functionality. However, this collaboration did not last long, with Hotz resigning from Twitter only a month after starting.

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