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Zoho Workplace: Email & Office Suite Software, 1 Month Plan, Price Per User (Part Of Digital Suite,Digital Copy)

Price: ₹152.00
(as of May 08,2023 19:29:12 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Email, online office and cloud storage for remote teams to be productive on the goWorkplace helps you streamline team interactions and add context to them, with the following apps

– Creation – Writer, Sheet, Show (text editor, spreadsheet and presentation apps), works with MS Office, Powerpoint and Excel files (both import and export)

– Collaboration – WorkDrive, Meeting (file storage and meeting) – Communication – Mail, Cliq (Email and instant messaging)

Fully customizable unified dashboard with a bird’s eye view of all things important from each individual app.Free mobile apps available to access your Workplace on the move.Trusted by 15 million+ active users and 3 million+ organizations across the globe.

Some key features

Comprehensive and organized search across appsChat channels with reactions and pollsCo-worker tagging and folder sharing in emailIntegrated banner messages for announcementsComments and tagging for real-time collaboration across Workplace app

Why Zoho Workplace?

Better pricedMore secure: The Workplace default is no tracking!Simple onboarding and set upEasy administration controlsContextual Integrations that feel naturalBackward compatibility with Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel files which can be imported into Zoho’s office suite apps.

Zoho Workplace digital workspace for businessZoho Workplace digital workspace for business

Collaborative editing in WriterCollaborative editing in Writer

Presentations that breathe lifePresentations that breathe life

Presentations that breathe lifePresentations that breathe life

Collaborative editing in Writer

Writing made powerful and impactful.

Spreadsheets that speak

AI insights for all your data.

Presentations that breathe life

Collaborative presentation app for slides that look beautiful, and weave a story.

Next generation email for productivityNext generation email for productivity

Business messaging, calls and meetingsBusiness messaging, calls and meetings

Your team's files, all in one placeYour team's files, all in one place

Next generation email for productivity

Secure, robust emailing with email and folder sharing features.

Business messaging, calls and meetings

Excusive chat app for instant messages and calls, and an online meeting tool with secure screen sharing and file transfer.

Your team’s files, all in one place

Centralized shared storage for all team files, with multiple access levels and permissions.

Connect and collaborate with your team using online meetings, Email, Cliq. Securely create, store and manage files with Zoho Workplace, a better priced solution for your business
Within 2 hours of ordering, registration instructions will be sent via email and also available in ‘Buyer/Seller messages’ under Message Center at “”
Zoho will contact you for setup within 1 business day of registration. Provides premium support to help you in every step of the way